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 There’s everything to love about ladies hosiery. Whether it’s the thigh high stockings in gartier sets or dreamy ladies body stockings that show of your frame in the most sensual way. Here at CutyDuty, your ultimate online store for the most fashionable hosiery in the USA, we don't just follow trends – we set them ablaze. From flirty sheer lace-trimmed tights to daring patterned fishnet stockings, our collections speak for themselves on creativity, comfort, and sensuality. Start shopping now to get the most of your hosiery experience.

Types of Hosiery at CutyDuty

Wondering what hosiery store near me  to shop from? At CutyDuty, we have lots of hosiery for women to suit every style and occasion. Here's a brief overview of our trendy picks:

  • Sheer lace-trimmed tights

  • Patterned fishnet stockings

  • Ribbed cotton thigh-high socks

  • Velvet-textured opaque leggings

  • Pantyhose with metallic embelishments

Latest Trends in Women’s Hosiery

Women’s fashion trends are forever dynamic and same goes for women's hosiery. Some of the latest trends in woman hosiery are in a wide range of styles, fabric types, and designs like:

  1. Sheer hosiery with complex patterns

  2. Fishnet stockings

  3. Bold colored tights and styles with bold motif prints and patterns 

  4. Opaque textured leggings

  5. Sexy hosiery with metallic finishes or embellishments like sequins or rhinestones

  6. Thigh-high stockings with lace top and high-waisted options

  7. Compression hosiery for both fashion and health benefits

Choosing the Right Hosiery Based on Outfit and Comfort

The best hosiery to choose based on the type of outfit you’re wearing and the comfort level it can provide depends on a number of factors, including:

  1. The Style of Your Outfit: When wearing a formal or professional attire, opt for sheer or opaque tights in neutral colors such as black, nude, or navy. At casual settings, you can play around with different textures and designs based on what feels comfortable to you.

  2. The Outfit Color and Pattern: Your outfit should complement your tights be it patterned or colored to create a fun and stylish look. For instance, if you're wearing a bold patterned dress, pairing it with solid-colored fashionable hosiery will balance the look. And if you want to elongate your legs, nude or skin-toned hosiery are the best options.

  3. The Season: For cold seasons, go with thicker tights and in warm seasons, lighter picks are preferrable. 

  4. Your Comfort Level: You certainly don’t want ladies hosiery with a waistband that digs into your skin or feel uncomfortable throughout the day. In CutyDuty’s hosiery store, our collection are made from breathable materials like nylon or spandex to ensure comfort, especially if you'll be wearing them for long periods.

  5. What’s the Occasion: Weddings, parties, and special occasions or events, are perfect settings for sheer, embellished hosiery or glam lace tights. For everyday clothes, prioritize durability and comfort in your selection.


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What types of hosiery are best for formal wear?

Tights and hosiery made with sheer or opaque fabrics and in neutral colors like black, nude, or navy are more suitable for attending formal occasions.

How do I choose the right hosiery for different seasons?

Different seasons require varying levels of comfort and coziness. During the colder season, opt for the thick tights and opaque options, while light and sheer sexy hosiery are better suited in the hotter temps.

How can I extend the life of my hosiery?

To extend the life of your hosiery, hand wash or use a gentle machine spin for them with mild detergent. Air dry them away from direct heat and avoid rough surfaces as they can snag the fabric at their corners. If you’ve got long nails, wearing gloves when putting them on will help prevent runs and tears.