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Stockings aren't only meant for the cold season. They are equally stunning to wear during the warm weather. A light net stockings and garter pair can be the start of something great on the holidays. And sheer stockings for ladies can boost your confidence level and spice up your femininity. 

If you're looking to buy stockings online in the USA, CutyDuty is your best bet. We have thigh high stockings and bodystocking in a variety of styles, such as sheer, opaque, lace-top, and fishnet. This gives you a range of options to buy from for any occasion or preference. Plus, our stockings have elastic tops and waistbands so you mustn't hold them up with garters.

Familiarising Yourself With Thigh-Length Stockings

There are lots of long stockings for women that are perfect for an all-year look and some are specific to each weather and season. If you're new to wearing stockings thigh high, these tips will get you ready for your next shopping experience:

Winter Women's Stockings

These are sheer stockings with fake skin and a slimming effect. Our edits have stretchy material, no lint, and are absolutely perfect for the cold temps. You can wear it with a plaid mini-fitted skirt or a skater skirt, bustier, and cozy sweaters, and winter will have nothing on you. 

Stockings and Lingerie

You can easily get beauty and sensuality in your thigh high stockings when you pair it with romantic lingerie. A balconette cup bra, high-waisted thongs, garter, and stockings can spice up the heat in your bedroom in an instant. Black, red, and beige are stunning colour choices if you love to add some mystery to your looks. 


Bodystockings are the sexy goddess perfection you never knew you needed. They are the perfect blend of a bodysuit and stockings. This outfit is an effortless stunner and great for showing off your curves. 

Benefits of Thigh High Stockings

Here are some of the reasons why you should start wearing thigh high women's stockings:

  • Versatility: Thigh-high stockings are a versatile piece that you can wear with various outfits, like dresses, skirts, and shorts, to strike a fashion statement.
  • Slimming effect: Your stockings can smoothen out your legs and make your curves even more sleek.
  • Comfort: Stockings thigh high made from high-quality materials like nylon or spandex are comfortable and suitable for all-day wear. They also help prevent chafing between the thighs, especially during hot weather or while wearing skirts or dresses.
  • Adds warmth: During the cold months, buy stockings to wear under your skirts or dresses for extra warmth without sacrificing comfort.
  • Enhance your confidence level: There's an untold confidence boost that comes with wearing out your thigh high stockings. Not only do they gear up your legs, but they make an outfit look more feminine and amp up your fashion game.
  • Health benefits: Thigh-high stockings provide some compression effect and improve the venous circulation up and down your entire leg. This is especially important for bed-bound patients or a convalescent with limited mobility.

Choosing the Right Thigh High Stockings

  • Check the material: Our long legged stockings are made with high-quality fabrics like nylon or spandex for durability and comfort, so you have nothing to worry about.
  • Pay attention to size: Ensure you choose the correct size by following the sizing chart on each sexy outfit in our store.
  • Check for styles with silicone bands: All our thigh high stockings have silicone bands at the top to prevent them from slipping and ensure they stay up better.
  • Look for the colours you want: We've got lots of colour choices for you; whether it's classic black, nude, or a bold colour. Ensure you look for one that complements your outfit or skin tone.
  • Check if the toes are reinforced: If the toe area of your stockings isn't reinforced, they may run or tear. When you buy stockings from CutyDuty, you have no worries about this because our designs are properly styled to make them last long.

Tips for Buying Thigh High Stockings Online

When shopping thigh-high stockings, there are some specifics you should always look out for. These include:

  • Reading customer reviews: Take the time to read reviews from other buyers in our store to gauge the quality and fit of the long legged stockings you wish to buy.
  • Review the return policy: Our online store has a flexible return policy in case the stockings don't fit or meet your expectations.
  • Verify sizing: Before you buy, always double-check the sizing information on the product to ensure you select the right size for your measurements.
  • Look for detailed descriptions: Our website provides detailed descriptions of each stocking, including material type, outfit detailing, and features like waistbands.
Consider package deals: We offer package deals and discounts when you buy multiple pairs of thigh high stockings, allowing you to save money in the long run.

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Are thigh high stockings comfortable to wear?

Sure, long stockings for women can be comfortable to wear, especially when made from high-quality materials and designed with features that make them stay up like silicone bands or elastic tops.

Can I wear thigh high stockings with skirts and dresses?

Yes, you can wear thigh high stockings sexy with skirts and dresses. The pair even makes for a stylish combo that you can wear every day or on special occasions.

How do I prevent thigh high stockings from slipping down?

To prevent your thigh high stockings for ladies from slipping down, choose styles with waistbands or elastic tops so they can fit securely on stay that way throughout the day. They also provide a comfortable fit that you don't need to constantly adjust.