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Good quality underwear and lingerie for ladies are essentials every woman should have in her wardrobe. From comfortable basics to luxurious pieces, Cuty Duty ensures you'll find the best everyday womens underwear that will glam you up effortlessly. We are an online store in the USA where you can shop a wide collection of women's underwear and lingerie with the perfect blend of quality, comfort, and style. 

Understanding the Importance of Everyday Underwear

Why do we need to wear underwear? Is it important to wear underwear every day? What happens if we don't wear underwear? Over here, we would be tackling these common concerns. Some of the major reasons why it is important to wear underwear include: 

  • Hygiene & Prevention of Infection: The genital skin is delicate and extra care is needed to lower the risk of infection. While there's no research to back up if going without underwear reduces yeast infections, Healthline says that wearing clean and comfortable underwear cuts down your chances of having yeast infections. 
  • Keeps Menstrual Products in Place: When wearing sanitary pads, menstrual cups, discs, panty liners, or tampons, putting on period underwear or everyday panties can help secure them in place and prevent them from falling off. 
  • Protect your Clothes from Bodily Secretions: Wearing everyday underwear helps hold up secretions like vaginal discharges and menstrual fluids, especially in cases when they come out all of a sudden. They also reduce your chances of getting stained with these secretions, at least some minutes before you address them. 
  • To Prevent and Reduce Irritation: Thick thighs come with their fair share of issues. Constant repetitive movements between the thighs and friction between the body folds can sometimes cause the skin in those areas to become clammy. In some other cases, it may result in excessive sweating, chafing, and rashes in those areas. Putting on cotton underwears like high-waist tight shorts and long-leg cotton shorts helps with sweating and chafing. 
  • To Boost Self-esteem: Putting on everyday lingerie improves one's self-esteem and you just have to try it to know it. Fancy lingerie can impact your confidence positively by transforming the way you see yourself and your body image. And, stepping into a room with confidence undoubtedly changes how others perceive you as well. 

About wearing underwear every day - There is some expert advice against wearing underwear every day, but in some cases, you can't do without them and that's fine. There's no one-size-fits-all answer here because the choice is largely based on personal preference. However, if you've been dealing with regular yeast infections and UTIs, it would be best to go commando at night. Skipping underwear allows sweat to easily evaporate but if the weather is too dry, it can also dry out your vagina. Going pantie-free can lead to embarrassing moments. Not wearing underwear may also result in micro-cuts from excess friction. 

Essential Lingerie for Every Woman's Wardrobe

Just like dresses, sexy everyday panties are essential pieces in every woman's closet. They make you feel good and confident, step up your body image, and provide comfort under your main outfits. Some of the essential lingerie every woman should have are the:

  • Matching bra and panty set;
  • Everyday cotton bra and panty;
  • Thongs and bodystocking;
  • Silk or lace gown or robe;
  • Sports bra;
  • Bralettes;
  • Push-up bra;
  • Camisoles;
  • Convertible or strapless bras;
  • Bikini.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Chocolates, high heels, and lingerie make a woman feel good. And when you want to buy lingerie, a good fit makes all the difference. Thankfully, we gathered tips on how you can find the perfect fit for your basic lingerie essentials. 

  1. Taking Measurements: Using tape, take correct measurements of your bust, underbust, and hips.
  2. Size Charts: Compare the measurements you took with the size charts on our online store.
  3. Try Different Styles: After you've got your perfect fit, use the same measurements to shop different lingerie styles such as balconette, plunge, or bralette to find the exact fit you want.
  4. Adjust Straps and Bands: The underbust band should provide firm support without riding up or digging in. Matter of fact, the underbust band should lie smoothly against your torso without riding up your back. And, the front of the band should sit flat against the chest, particularly in the center between the breasts. Also, the bra straps should be snug but not digging into your shoulders. For your panties and tights, the waistband should be fitted at the waist and hips, but not too tight.
  5. Check Cup Fit: The cups should fully contain the breasts without any spillage or gaps. A good cup fit ensures you have a smooth silhouette under your clothing.
  6. Quality Fabric: Our essential lingerie and intimate wear are made from breathable, stretchy fabrics that feel comfortable against the skin and maintain their shape over time, so you've got nothing to worry about.

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Can I wear everyday lingerie during workouts?

Yes, you can. Wearing underwear helps catch some moisture and keeps you comfortable while exercising. If you haven't had any issues with wearing lingerie during your workouts, then you can stick with it. But if you notice you're constantly uncomfortable with your lingerie on during your sessions, then feel free to go pantie-free.

How often should I replace my everyday underwear?

According to experts, it is advised you change your everyday underwear every 6 months. And if it's not up to 6 months but it's worn out, has bad elastic and holes, or looks saggy, then it's due for a change.

How should I store my lingerie when traveling?

When traveling, you can put your lingerie and best everyday womens underwear in a small travel bag before putting it in your suitcase. That way, it's easy to locate, doesn't fall out during routine checks, or catch your zippers.