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CutyDuty's latest body suit collection is packed with glam styles and designs just for you. Whether you're looking for a smooth firm lace bodysuit or you want a slinky tummy control tank top, we've got the best body suit for you. You can pair yours with a high-waist midi skirt for a cool vibe or opt for some short shorts for a trendy effortless look. From the sleek and sexy corset bodysuits to the delicate figure-skimming lace bodysuits, you are sure to find the perfect body suit that matches your vibe. CutyDuty's bodysuit edits are perfect for layering, wearing as a standalone outfit, or playing dress up. And they give you that maximum impact, minimal effort look that we all love.

Types of Bodysuits at CutyDuty

We've got so many styles, fabrics, and designs of womens lingerie body suit for you to choose from. Some of them include:

  • Corset bodysuit: For an elegant contour with the slinking features of a corset, this is the one for you. We have both sleeveless and long-sleeved styles that you can choose from.
  • Thong or T-front thong bodysuits: The crotch openings of these female body suit styles are usually higher and to the front of the tummy for extra comfort. 
  • Lace bodysuits: These outfits are styled with lace and have a skin-colored lining in the breast and genital area. We also have styles without the inner lining like the floral body suits for ladies who dare to bare. They combine style and function since you can wear them as a top or lingerie. 
  • Leotard: This is a womens lingerie body suit styled as a tight-fitting one-piece garment from top to bottom. It covers the body from the shoulders to the trunk and crotch area. It is usually worn for sports and acrobatics. Unlike the unitard which has long legs, the hem of this outfit stops around the butt cheeks and crotch.
  • Costume Bodysuit: We have lots of stunning women's bodysuits for all your role plays from strappy bodysuits and Christmas-themed bodysuits to school girl role play designs. We also have bunny, nurse, captive, stranger, and maid costumes.
  • Long Sleeve Bodysuit: some with turtleneck and others with front zippers or v-neckline.
  • Classic bodysuits made with soft viscose
  • Mesh Bodysuit: includes styles with a bodystocking appeal, latex accents, and inbuilt bras. 
  • Asymmetrical and cut-out bodysuits
  • Teddies: The all-in-one lingerie and body suit styles that you can wear outside the bedroom. 

Among our bodysuit sets are the:

  • Bodysuits and tights set: Mesh bodysuit and fishnet tight sets
  • Bodysuit and stockings sets 
  • Bodysuit and arm gloves set
  • Bodysuits with straps and garter

How to Choose the Right Bodysuit?

It's one thing to enjoy your shopping experience and it's another to find the perfect female body suit that fits well. From your body shape and the style of the outfit, you can already imagine how the outfit would look on you. Here are some tips to keep in mind so the bodysuit you buy will be the right one for you. 

  • What are you dressing for: Think about where you'll be wearing the bodysuit. Will it be an everyday outfit? Go for comfy and breathable fabrics like cotton or jersey. For a night out or a bedroom luxury piece, opt for bodysuits with more fancier fabrics like silk or satin.
  • Check the fit: Our body suits for ladies are available in various styles and sizes and we can guarantee that with the right measurements, you can get the right outfit for you. Be it fitted, relaxed, or bodycon. 
  • Pay attention to the neckline: Are you a turtleneck girlie or you want to show off some cleavage? Ensure the neckline you pick whether scoop, V-neck, square, or off-the-shoulder, flatters your body shape and blends in with the outfit you plan to pair it with.
  • Look out for the closure: You can either buy bodysuits with no closure or go with the ones that have snap closures at the crotch for easy wearing and removal. Ensure that the closures are secure and comfortable, especially if you'll be wearing the bodysuit for extended periods.
  • Functionality matters: In your selection especially if you're on a tight budget, getting a versatile body suit for women that can be styled in multiple ways would be ideal. Look for neutral colors and classic designs that you can easily pair with various bottoms, like jeans, skirts, or trousers.

Bodysuits for Different Body Types

If there's one thing we love about bodysuits, it's certainly going to be their versatility. Simply put - there isn't a "bodysuit body". They not only come in various styles but are also available in suitable designs for different body types. From petite frames to the plus-size babes, we have something for everyone. Here are our bodysuit recommendations for different body types:

  • Hourglass Figure: Corset bodysuit either sleeveless or with long sleeves is perfect for accentuating your curves. Lace bodysuits with a skin-colored lining also enhance your silhouette.
  • Pear Shape: T-front thong women's bodysuits provide extra comfort around the tummy area for this body type. Long-sleeve bodysuits with a v-neckline or front zipper will draw attention upward and balance out your figure.
  • Athletic Build: A leotard bodysuit will show off your toned physique, especially if you're into sports or acrobatics. Asymmetrical and cut-out styles will add visual interest for a more feminine look.
  • Petite Frame: Classic bodysuits made with soft viscose will be flattering without overwhelming your smaller frame. You can also try out a mesh body suit with inbuilt bras to add volume to your bust area.
  • Plus Size: We have a range of stunning costume bodysuits available for role-plays for the plus-size baddies. Our teddies will also provide support and coverage while still feeling sexy and stylish.

Where to Buy Quality Bodysuits?

Finding the perfect womens body suit that flatters your body type and makes you feel confident and comfortable can be a lot easier when you shop from CutyDuty. At our USA online store, you're sure to buy bodysuits in stunning designs that can step up your style game in an instant.

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Are bodysuits comfortable to wear all day?

Yes, bodysuits are comfortable to wear all day, depending on the fabric and fit. Cotton and mesh fabrics are ideal for an everyday bodysuit.

Can I wear a bodysuit as lingerie?

Yes, you can wear a bodysuit as lingerie.

How do I care for my bodysuits to make them last longer?

To make your bodysuits last longer, follow the care instructions on the label and avoid harsh washing methods. Fabrics that are machine washable and low-maintenance are more convenient.