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CutyDuty has the best cheeky panties in various fabric types, colors, cuts, and styles. From the very sexy options with the least coverage to the full coverage styles that show off a hint of skin, we have all the cheeky panties that you can possibly want. We have cheap cheeky panties that are well-constructed with durable seams and fabric that will withstand repeated washing and retain their shape over time. So you get to shop on a budget and buy quality panties at a go!

What are Cheeky Style Panties?

Cheeky style panties are a style of women’s underwear that strikes a balance between a thong and a bikini. They often have a flattering design, comfortable fit, and a playful yet modest coverage. Cheeky panties for women partially expose the butt cheeks, hence the term "cheeky". These panties have waistbands that sit below the natural waistline, which increases the body’s curves. 

You can wear your cheeky panties every day, for special occasions when you want to look subtly sexy, or under tight clothes to have the most invisible panty lines. Whichever way you choose to wear these hot sexy lingerie, you’re in for a treat.

Style, Fabric and Color Selections of Our Cheeky Panties

We have women’s cheeky panties in different fabric types such as lace, microfiber, satin, and cotton underwears for ladies; pantie details including scalloped edges, decorative trims, or seamless design; and styles such as high and low-waisted panties. Some of our best-selling options include: 


  • Cotton: Our cotton cheeky panties are comfortable, breathable, and ideal for everyday wear.

  • Lace: When you want a touch of elegance and femininity in your panties, this will be the best buy.

  • Satin: Smooth and shiny and for a luxurious feel on your skin.

  • Silk: You can get that sheen of aesthetically pleasing panties from your silk picks.

  • Nylon: When you want a snug stretch and flexibility in a pantie, nylon will give you that perfect fitting.


  • Black: A classy color for a sophisticated babe.

  • White: Perfect for that crisp and clean girl look.

  • Pink: Tap into your soft and feminine energy with a pink pantie.

  • Red: Go for this vibrant hue, for a bold and passionate statement.

  • Blue: It is cool, calm, and serene, so why not?.

  • Purple: Show off your rich and regal spirit in this luxury hue.

  • Yellow: A sunny and playful touch isn’t far-fetched with this bright and cheerful pick.


  • High Waisted: A retro-inspired silhouette that is still very much in style.

  • No Show: Want your ladies cheeky panties to have no visible panty lines under clothes? This is what you should buy.

  • String: For minimal coverage with thin sides and a string-like waistband

  • Brazilian: Flattering, comfortable, moderate coverage, and a slightly cheeky back.

  • Low Rise: Sits low on the hips for a modern and youthful look.

  • Boyshort: Gives you full coverage while showing off a hint of cheeks at the bottom.

  • Thong: Has a narrow strip of fabric between the butt cheeks for that minimal coverage you want from sexy cheeky panties.


  • Cute styles with playful patterns, prints, and embellishments.

  • Delicate frills or ruffles along the edges of the panties.

  • Full mesh panties or styles with sheer panels for a sexy and breathable feel.

  • Strappy details that add a provocative and stylish element.

  • Mini and form-fitting panties for showing off your curves.

  • Micro panties with very little coverage for that sweet seductive effect.

Recommendations for Choosing Cheeky Panties

When you’re shopping for the most comfortable cheeky panties, you may want to keep your eyes out for these:

  • Fit and Comfort: Ensure the panties fit comfortably around the hips and buttocks whether petite frame or plus size cheeky panties. They should not dig into your skin or ride up. When shopping online, ensure you use the size chart on the product description to make a pick that matches your waist and hip measurements.

  • Fabric: There are lots of fabric selections to pick from. Choose one that suits your needs and preferences. What you will wear as everyday underwear, may slightly differ from your pick for special occasions.

  • Coverage: The level of coverage you want from your panties impacts the cuts you may want to get.

  • Color: Choose colors that complement your wardrobe and personal style. For instance, neutrals like black, white, or nude are more versatile while bright colors will give you a color pop.

  • Style Details: Decide on additional style elements like lace trim, mesh panels, or decorative bows based on the aesthetic feel you want from your cheeky panties.


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What are cheeky panties?

Cheeky panties are a style of underwear that reveals the butt cheeks at the back and provides more coverage than a thong but less than traditional briefs or panties.

What does cheeky mean in panties?

"Cheeky" in the context of panties means that the style shows off a bit of the cheek or more skin in the buttocks area compared to regular briefs or panties.

How to wear cheeky panties?

You can wear your cheeky panties like any other underwear. Simply slip them on and adjust them to sit comfortably on your hips. A good fit would not dig into the skin or cause discomfort.

Are cheeky panties comfortable?

Yes, cheeky panties are comfortable if they fit well and are made from soft, breathable fabrics like cotton or microfiber.

What do cheeky panties look like?

Cheeky panties typically have a low-rise waistband that sits just below the natural waistline, they fully cover the front area but show off a bit more of the butt cheeks at the back.

How are cheeky panties supposed to fit?

Cheeky panties should fit comfortably around the hips and buttocks without feeling too tight or too loose. They should sit smoothly against the skin and not cause any visible panty lines.