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With a sensual triangular front and a daring strip at the back, offering just the right amount of coverage, CutyDuty’s G strings panties are the perfect intimate essentials you need in your wardrobe. Our g strings, thongs and v strings perfectly blend style and sensuality that you can wear for a strip tease on an intimate evening or under your tight clothes. From the luxurious feel of silk to the seamless comfort of microfiber, we have G-strings for ladies that are ideal for any occasion. 

What are G-String Panties? - Everything You Need to Know

G-string panties are a type of beautiful lingerie for women with a minimalist design. They consist of a triangular piece of fabric at the front to cover the genital area and a narrow strip of fabric that runs between the buttocks. Most parts of the buttocks are left open, making them ideal for avoiding visible panty lines under tight clothes or for women who prefer less coverage. CutyDuty’s G strings for women are available in various materials such as cotton, lace, microfiber, and silk, catering to different comfort levels and aesthetic preferences. You can wear them for their sexy and daring appeal, for special occasions, or when wearing form-fitting outfits where you need a smooth silhouette.

The Range of G Strings at CutyDuty

At CutyDuty, you'll find a wide range of G string lingeries for various preferences and needs. Whether you're looking for everyday comfort or something more provocative, these panty styles will indulge you:

  • Classic G-string: This is the minimalistic G string underwear design with a thin strip of fabric at the back, that provides minimal coverage.

  • Low-rise G-string: It sits lower on the hips and looks super seductive and alluring.

  • Lace G-string: Elegant and feminine is what this G string underwear for women stands for. The fabric is delicate and makes it even more sophisticated.

  • Microfiber G-string: The smooth and seamless feel makes it perfect for wearing under tight clothes without visible panty lines.

  • String Bikini G-string: Combines elements of a bikini with the minimal coverage of a G-string, thereby balancing comfort and style.

A Fabric and Color Palette of the G String Underwear

From neutral colors like black, nude, or white for better versatility to bold colors and patterns for added flair, we have lots of string underwear colors to match your wardrobe or personal style preferences. 

  • Beige;

  • White;

  • Black;

  • Marsala;

  • Powder.

All our G string lingeries are available in super comfy and easy-to-maintain fabric types. They stand the test of time and maintain their stretch without slacking, pinching, rolling, or digging into your skin. Some of our best-selling fabrics include:

  • Cotton fabrics, ideal for everyday wear.

  • Smooth, lightweight, and stretchy microfiber for a sleek fit under clothes.

  • Delicate and feminine lace G strings underwear for a romantic look.

  • Luxurious and smooth silk or satin that you can wear for special occasions.

  • Lightweight and breathable mesh hot G string for a sexy and sheer appearance.

Recommendations for Choosing G String Panties

The comfort level and feel-good vibes from buying G-string panties that you actually like are unbeatable. When choosing G-string panties, here are some factors you should consider:

  • Comfort: We have female G strings in soft fabrics like cotton or microfiber that feel comfortable against your skin. They don’t cause any irritation, so you have nothing to worry about.

  • Fit: Pick a G string underwear in the right size so it will fit snugly without digging into your skin. Too tight panties will be uncomfortable, while too loose styles may not provide the desired minimal coverage.

  • Style: Opt for the G-string pant style you prefer, including the classic G-string with a thin strip of fabric at the back or a low-rise option that sits lower on the hips.

  • Purpose: Why you're choosing a women G-string can impact the style you pick. For instance, a G string for reducing panty lines under tight clothing won’t be the same for a romantic evening.

  • Quality: All our G-strings are well-made with strong stitching and durable materials that will last through multiple washes and wear.


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What does G-string mean?

A G-string is a type of underwear with a narrow strip of fabric at the front and back and attached to a waistband to cover just the genital area. This panty type leaves the buttocks exposed and minimizes visible panty lines compared to traditional panties.

Why do girls wear G-strings?

Girls wear G-strings for different reasons. It may be to provide a smooth and seamless look under tight clothes, reduce underwear lines, for personal comfort, or as a fashion preference.

Are G-strings common?

G-strings are quite common especially among adults for specific aesthetic or practical reasons. However, their popularity varies based on cultural norms and individual comfort levels with more revealing underwear styles.

What are low G-strings?

Low G-strings are panty styles that sit lower on the hips and have a more revealing cut than standard designs. They are super sensual, and comfy and enhance your intimate fashion style.