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Tired of panties with visible lines, uncomfortable wedgies that you can’t help but dig into, or panties that keep riding up? CutyDuty’s range of women's hipster panties has something for everyone's taste and comfort needs. Hipster womens panties blend comfort and style, perfect for everyday wear. They sit comfortably on the hips with a low-rise design, providing better coverage while maintaining a modern look. 

Our panties pack for women comes in a range of simply irresistible styles. We have women's hipster panties like bold crotchless options, seamless designs, shadowline, sheer or mesh fabrics, high waist, and high rise styles for tummy control that you can readily shop. CutyDuty also has some of the best hipster panties for specific style needs, ranging from Thinx and jockey to plus size hipster panties. All our cheeky hipster panties are available at budget-friendly prices, not to mention, we have promotions, discounts, and sales that you should keep your eyes out on.

What are Hiphugger & Hipster Panties?

Hiphugger and hipster panties are both styles of women’s underwear designed to sit low on the hips. Unlike conventional panties, they provide more coverage but less than high-cut styles like bikini panties. Hiphuggers snugly fit around the hips with a lower rise, while hipsters are slightly higher with a mid-rise and often have wider side coverage. Both styles are comfortable and are popular choices as the best everyday underwear.

What's the Difference Between them?

The main difference between hiphugger and hipster panties is their fit and coverage. Hiphugger panties hug the hips more closely and usually have a lower rise than hipsters. Think of it as a low rise thong designed to sit just above the hip bones, to ensure a snug and secure fit. On the other hand, hipster panties have a slightly higher rise. They cover more of the hip area and sides compared to hiphuggers. It is not so easy to tell them apart, hence the reason why they are used interchangeably. Since both styles provide a comfortable fit and similar coverage, you can make a pick based on your style preference.

Fabric and Color Palette of the Hipster & Hiphugger Panties at CutyDuty

Whatever the color or fabric type, we have the best hiphugger panties for everyone. Whether you’re new to hipsters or stocking up on these awesome panties, our fabric selections and colors will indulge your every mood. They include:

  • Cotton: Our 100 cotton hiphugger panties are simply the best. If breathable, dig-free, seamless, moderate coverage, smooth, and soft best describe your ideal underwear, you should shop our cotton stretch panties.

  • Lace: Looking for sexy hipster panties that are “no show”? We are the store you can always bank on.

  • Microfiber: Microfiber hipster panties allow for good airflow around the groin area. We have Warner panties with ample coverage and a body-hugging fit to help prevent unsightly panty lines, even under the tightest clothes.

  • Satin: You can never go wrong with a silky satin pick. It is not just luxurious and soft, it is seamless and super comfy.

  • Nylon: You won’t get those badly discomforting wedgies when you go for the nylon hipster ladies panties.

CutyDuty’s ladies hipster panties come in lots of fascinating colors such as:

  • Pink and Violet;

  • Black and White;

  • Red;

  • Neutrals - Beige, Ash, Tan, Chocolate, Ivory, Praline, Caramel, and Marzipan;

  • Blue;

  • Multicolored options.

Tips for Choosing Hipster & Hiphugger Panties

When shopping online for hiphugger or hipster style panties, you must keep various factors in mind to ensure a good fit and comfort. Some of these helpful tips include:

  • Know Your Size: Always get accurate measurements of your waist and hip, then check the size chart on the description to ensure you select the correct size.

  • Fabric Description: Do well to read the fabric description and choose materials that suit your preferences for comfort and breathability.

  • Style and Design Matters: Some of our hipster panties are crotchless, invisible under clothes, or shadowing. Always choose a style that matches your aesthetic and wardrobe needs.

  • Read Reviews: You can look at our customer’s reviews to get an idea of the fit, comfort, and durability of the panties hipster you want to buy.

  • Check Return Policy: CutyDuty has a clear return policy in case the panties don’t fit well or you’re not satisfied with your purchase.


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What are hipster panties?

Hipster panties are women’s underwear that sit low on the hips and have a wider side coverage compared to regular briefs, however, they have less fabric than boyshorts. They provide moderate coverage at the back and have a comfortable fit.

What are hiphugger panties?

Hiphugger panties also known as Hipsters, are similar to hipster panties for women. Their waistbands sit low on the hips and have amazing side coverage. Hiphuggers are made to hug the hips snugly without riding up, providing a comfortable and seamless fit under clothes.

Why are hipster panties used?

Hipster cut panties are comfortable and provide full coverage to the back. They stay in place without showing lines under clothes, making them a practical choice for everyday wear. There are also many hiphugger panties in various fabrics and styles to suit different preferences.

What is the difference between hipster and hiphugger?

The terms "hipster" and "hiphugger" are often used interchangeably to describe the same style of underwear. They are both mid-rise, offering more coverage on the hip and the leg compared to other panties. The difference in terminology is mostly regional or based on brand preference and not that they have a significant distinct design.

Are hipster panties comfortable?

Yes, hipster panties are very comfortable. They fit smoothly against the skin without causing discomfort. As cheeky as bikini panties, yet covered as briefs, hipsters do offer moderate coverage that is hard to let go. The wide side coverage and low or mid-rise waistband add to their comfort by providing a secure fit throughout the day.