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If functionality and style are two things you will always love in your underwear, then you should probably give Brazilian booty lift panties a try. Either as romantic lingerie for your bedroom fantasies or trusty sport underwear for ladies that you won’t have to pull at different ends, we have tons of Brazilian style panties that you can readily wear. 

What Makes Brazilian Panties so Special?

Brazilian cut panties are women’s panties with a unique design that combines comfort and style. Unlike regular underwear, Brazilian panties have a cut that sits low at the hips and has a narrower covering at the back. This leaves the belly and lower part of the bum open. They are specially styled to flatter the curves of all body shapes, giving off a stunning and sexy look.

Brazilian panties thin the line between full-coverage bikinis and thongs by flaunting the butt cheeks like thong panties while giving it more coverage. They are sometimes referred to as Brazilian knickers, but unlike the traditional knickers, they have a leg opening with a higher cut. The cheeky cut from Brazilian butt lift panties can make them feel a bit intimidating, whereas they are not. They are suitable for a range of body types and perfect for every fashion-forward woman.

The low rise and slim back of Brazilian panties not only enhance your look but also allow for a snug fit without riding up or feeling uncomfortable. The comfy feel of these panties makes them suitable for everyday underwear, whether at work, during exercise, or simply lounging at home. Plus, they are currently trendy in Brazil, allowing for better prints, designs, colors and embellishments to enter the market.

Types of Brazilian Panties and Available Options in our Store?

We have lots of Brazilian panties with varying features and benefits. They are crafted to meet various needs, style preferences, body shapes, and occasions. Here are some of our Brazilian booty lift panties for every woman's lingerie collection:

  • Brazilian Tanga Panty: Our Brazilian tanga panties have moderate covering at the back and higher-cut legs, giving the hips a good lift. They are ideal for wearing everyday, as they perfectly blend comfort and style.

  • High Waisted Styles: These panties provide full coverage of the waist and stomach area. The support and smooth silhouette of these briefs make them great for creating a slimming effect.

  • Ouvert or Crotchless Panties: This is a very sexy Brazilian pant that you can wear for a provocative and daring look during intimate moments.

  • Sheer or Mesh Designs: They are lightweight, seductive, and breathable picks. They provide minimal covering hence suitable for every outfit or occasion.

  • Bombshell Shine Strap Brazilian Cut Panties: Want something extra special and sensual? These sexy Brazilian panties have jeweled and decorative straps or accents for a glam and eye-catching look.

  • High Leg Panties: These styles have higher-cut leg openings, thereby elongating the legs and accentuating the hips. 

  • Cheeky Brazilian Panties with Strings or G String Styles: These Brazilian panties look a lot like G-strings. Some of them resemble a G-string panty with additional fabric and are perfect for keeping panty lines invisible under tight clothes.

  • Padded Brazilian Briefs: This is the panty for you when you want extra shaping and support. They create a fuller and smoother look with added comfort.

  • Corded Brazilian But Lift Panties: They have extra stylish cords or straps at the top for a unique and stylish look.

  • Plus Size Brazilian Panties: These panties are specifically designed to provide a flattering fit and feel, support, and comfort for plus-size women.

Fabric and Color Selections of the Brazilian Cut Panties

One of the special features of Brazilian panties is their versatility. They come in various fabric types to cater to different preferences for everyday wear or special occasions. Our Brazilian lift panties are currently in stock in materials like:

  • Cotton: Our cotton panties are soft and breathable, giving you a natural and comfy feel all day long. 

  • Lace: The lace variants are simply elegant and often have intricate patterns for special occasions when you want to feel feminine and stylish.

  • Microfiber: Our organic microfiber panties provide a seamless smooth look under outfits, hence perfect for all your body-skimming outfits. They are also lightweight and quick-drying.

  • Satin: Want to add a hint of luxury to your underwear? Satin Brazilian lift panties will be the perfect buy.

  • Silk: These panties are exceptionally smooth and lightweight. They feel soft and breathable and are perfect for women who appreciate fine materials in their lingerie.

Available colors of Brazilian butt lift panties in our store include: 

  • Red

  • Black and White

  • Neutral shades

  • Pink and Violet

  • Blue

  • Green

  • Multicolored variants

How to Choose the Best Brazilian Style Panties

Choosing the best Brazilian but lift panties online involves several key considerations. Firstly, ensure you pick the right size using the size chart for accurate measurements of the waist and hips. Secondly, decide on the fabric type you want based on your comfort and style needs. Consider the level of coverage you prefer since Brazilian panties can provide minimal to moderate coverage. Choose a style that matches your taste, whether plain, printed, lacy, or embellished, while keeping in mind the purpose and occasion for which you intend to wear them. Finally, ensure the panties provide comfort and support with features like soft waistbands and breathable materials.


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What are Brazilian panties?

Brazilian panties are underwear with a low-rise design. It sits lower on the hips and has a slimmer back coverage compared to traditional panties.

How do Brazilian panties fit?

Brazilian panties typically fit snugly around the hips and the design enhances the body’s curves, providing a flattering silhouette.

What is the difference between a thong and a Brazilian?

The main difference between a thong and a Brazilian panty is in their coverage and design. Thongs have lesser coverage at the back with a thin strip of fabric, while Brazilian panties provide slightly more coverage. Also, Brazilian panties are often seen as a middle ground between regular panties and thongs in terms of coverage.